Freedom Pals is a superhero union that first appears in South Park: The Fractured But Whole.

It is led by Doctor Timothy. Former members of the infamous superhero team Coon and Friend include Mysterion, Toolshed, Tupperware, and Wonder Tweek who left Coon and Friends due to a disagreement with the original franchise plan.

Not long after, they decided to form their own franchise plan, seeking out help from Call Girl.



Doctor Timothy (Timmy Burch)

Doctor Timothy

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Blessed with a limitless intellect locked within a weak, fragile body, Doctor Timothy turns to his psychic powers to combat evil-doers. Few realize that Doctor Timothy is secretly Timmy Burch; a boy of few words. His extraordinary mental abilities and mind for strategy make him the leader, and a very important member of the Freedom Pals.

Mysterion (Kenny McCormick)


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The legendary Mysterion is different than his fellow superhero companions is one important way, he actually has a superpower. He can't die. Known by most as unassuming Kenny McCormick during the day, Mysterion might just be the hero South Park needs to set right the growing evil that lurks in the shadows.

Toolshed (Stan Marsh)


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Possessing mental command over power tools, Toolshed is an extremely handy member of Freedom Pals. To the kids at school, he is Stan Marsh, but when darkness falls, Toolshed rushes into battle armed with contents of his dad's workbench.

Tupperware (Token Black)


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Part 4th grader, part food storage container, Tupperware became a crime-fighting cyborg after an unfortunate pantry incident. Before his accident, he was Token Black but now uses his enhanced durability to absorb attacks and keep his allies feeling fresh on the battlefield.

Wonder Tweek (Tweek Tweak)

Wonder Tweek

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Fueled by 100% organic Arabica beans, Wonder Tweek is a master of the elements. Born Tweek Tweak, he haphazardly blasts foes from a distance with the forces of nature. Although he had a past relationship with Super Craig, the two are on a break following Wonder Tweek's defection to the Freedom Pals.

Call Girl (Wendy Testaburger)

Call Girl

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Answering the call of justice, Call Girl disconnects criminals and places their evil ambitions on hold. Extending her influence from social media to the town of South Park, Wendy Testaburger uses technology and an army of followers to unfriend evil. She is the only female member of the team.


Entrance to Freedom Pals base.

Named as the Freedom Pals Base, the headquarters of Freedom Pals is located in the basement of Token's House.

The entrance to the Freedom Pals Base is first discovered in the mission Operation: Blind Justice, whereby the entrance is locked.

The Freedom Pals Base is only accessible from the mission The Chaos Gambit, after breaking the wiring cover on top of the entrance with Snap N Pops and using the Haywire ability to sabotage the wiring of the entrance.


  • Doctor Timothy is heavily based on Marvel's Professor Charles Xavier.
  • Wonder Tweek's name is based on DC Comics' Wonder Woman.
  • In South Park: The Fractured But Whole, themed music tracks will play depending on the team/area. Freedom Pals' music is inspired by Marvel's X-Men franchise.
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