Freedom Calling is a story mission in the video game, "South Park: The Fractured But Whole".

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You have a mission waiting. Get to the Freedom Pals' base!


After waking up from the night before, walk around to initiate this mission. Mysterion will contact you asking to meet up with the Freedom Pals at their HQ.

After you arrive, Classi will make a call and thank you for your effort. Enter the HQ for another cutscene, after which Doctor Timothy will bestow every Character Class upon you. Now you can choose any abilities available in the game as your equipped powers.

Now head to your next mission! It's time To Catch a Coon!


  • Despite being the greatest victim of all in the entire group, The New Kid is the only person in the group who did not become angry at anyone.
  • The warehouse where Conner held The New Kid's parents custody is the same location where the Russian mercenaries held Cartman and Baahir hostage in "The Snuke".
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