"Free Willzyx"
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Episode no. Season 9
Episode 13
Production no. 913
Original airdate November 30, 2005
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"Trapped in the Closet" "Bloody Mary"
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"Free Willzyx" is the thirteenth episode of Season Nine, and the 138th overall episode of South Park. It aired on November 30, 2005 [1].

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The boys are visiting a SeaWorld Park and find an orca there named Jambu performing in a whale show. Kyle stays to observe the whale in more detail while the others explore the rest of the park. To Kyle, the wale then seems to speak. However, the voice turns out to be coming through loudspeaker by Brian, one of the pair of hosts for the whale show. It becomes apparent that he and Mike, the other host, frequently play this practical joke for their own amusement. Brian, playing as the talking wale, tells Kyle about longing to go into outer space. Kyle rushes off to bring back the rest of the group. Brian, as Jambu again, says that Jambu's real name is 'Willzyx' (pronounced "Willziak") and that he must return to the moon, his "home", lest he should die. When thegroup return home they rally the rest of the 4th grade boys to help them liberate Jambu and send him "home". They break in to the Sea Park at night get Jambu into Clyde's pool from his backyard. When it is discovered that the orca is missing and an investigation is being carried out Brian and Mike realize what has happened and start to track down the group in pursuit.


The Boys' Composite Sketch

In Russia, the government is looking for a way to raise money and they take a call from Kyle who wants to hire them to take Willzyx to the moon. When they give their price of $20 million, Kyle tries to explain what they are really trying to do. The Russians interpret his explanation as a prank call from George Bush. The boys decide to shop around for a third world country with a cheaper space program and they need to hide the whale. Since everyone is on the lookout for the whale, if it remains outside, eventually someone will see it. At the Sea Park in Denver, protesters from the Animal Liberation Front (ALF) have gathered to applaud the whale liberators. Brian and Mike are in South Park looking for the whale; they find the pool behind Clyde's house, along with a broken fence. While looking at the pool, they find whale feces, but see that the whale and the boys are gone. The whale is inside, in Kyle's bedroom to be exact, where the boys are keeping him wet. Kyle is on the phone with the Japanese while Jimmy, Timmy and Tweek are at the Chinese Embassy, but everyone's price is too high. Stan and Craig are in Mexico, where they find that MASA (Mexican Aeronáutica y Spacial Administración) will take their whale to the moon for $200. Brian and Mike find out that the boys are going to Tijuana.

The boys are on the road to Tijuana when their truck is stopped by Brian and Mike. The hosts are about ready to tell the boys the truth, when the police arrive, but the ALF comes to their rescue as the whale is saved in a hail of gunfire. Mike and one of the police officers are killed by the ALF during the firefight. The ALF leader drives the van for the boys as they resume their trip to Tijuana. In Tijuana, the rocket is being prepared. The ALF leader and the boys crash through the Mexican border, and the boys work on getting the whale into the water. They get the whale into the water and the ALF is declaring victory when, to their surprise, the manager of Sea Park and everyone else present watch the Mexican rocket get launched into space, with a whale in tow while a mariachi band plays to celebrate Mexico's first successful space project. The boys celebrate their victory back home; meanwhile, on the moon, the asphyxiated whale lies dead. The end credits roll over this shot in silence.


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