Frederick Johnson appeared in the episode, "Child Abduction is Not Funny" as the "Ghost of Human Kindness". He was actually a child abductor who used that moniker in order to get children to trust him.


Johnson dresses as the "Ghost of Human Kindness" in order to abduct children. He tells Tweek that people are not as scary and dangerous as his parents and the news led him to believe. He takes him to see a woman who volunteers to talk with lonely elderly people at a retirement home, a family with adopted children, and a man fixing a tire for an older woman. After he had restored Tweek's "faith in humanity", he attempted to persuade him to get in his suspicious looking van, however, the police arrived shortly after, arresting Frederick and thus saving Tweek.


Frederick Johnson has long brown hair and a beard. He wears a green and yellow cloak and holds a scepter. He also seems to have some kind of lighting system built into his clothing, as he is constantly enveloped in a bright light. He resembles the Ghost of Christmas Present from A Christmas Carol.


Frederick is a child abductor, however, it is was not revealed what he did to the children, although it was most likely with the intention of molestation. Frederick is intelligent and manipulative, tricking children into willingly coming with him by pretending to be the "Ghost of Human Kindness".


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