Mr. Funpronounced "Foon", is the owner of North Park Funland.


Cartman inherits $1,000,000 from his Grandmother and spends all of on buying the North Park Funland amusement park. The parks owner has reservations selling his park because attendance has gone way down and the business is losing money. When Cartman tells him he want the park to himself by not allowing anyone else in he relents. People are attracted to it's exclusiveness causing some people to be let in order to keep the park upkeep current. Cartman is angry at all the people in his park taking up all of the rides that he demands his money back. Mr.Fun returns his money seeing how successful it is now. Cartman only keeps his money for the IRS to take it away for taxes and to pay the settlement for Kenny's recent death.


Mr. Fun is a fat man balding on top with red hair sticking out at the sides.


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