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|appearance = "[[Cartmanland]]"
|appearance = "[[Cartmanland]]"
'''Frank Fun''', pronounced "Foon", is the owner of [[North Park Funland]]. He appeared once in the [[Season Five]] episode "[[Cartmanland]]".
'''Frank Fun''', pronounced "Foon", is the owner of [[North Park Funland]]. He appeared once in the [[Season Five]] episode, "[[Cartmanland]]".

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Frank Fun, pronounced "Foon", is the owner of North Park Funland. He appeared once in the Season Five episode, "Cartmanland".


Eric Cartman inherits $1,000,000 from his late grandmother and spends all of it buying the North Park Funland amusement park. Mr. Fun had reservations about selling his park because attendance had gone down causing the business to lose money. When Cartman tells him he wanted the park to himself, by not allowing anyone else in, Mr. Fun relents. People are attracted to its exclusiveness, which causes some people to be let in, in order to keep the park upkeep current and maintained. Cartman eventually becomes angry at all the people in his park, who take up all of the rides, and he demands his money back from Mr. Fun who returned the money after seeing how successful Funland has become. After getting his money back, Cartman loses all of it to the IRS as a settlement over the recent death of Kenny McCormick.


Mr. Fun is an overweight man with red, balding hair. He wears red pants, a white shirt, a yellow coat with various colored polka dots, orange shoes, and red tie with white polka dots.


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