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Francis appears in several episodes with handicapped children and as Jimmy Valmer's stage assistant in "Funnybot". She first appeared in the Season Eight episode, "Up the Down Steroid".


Francis is first seen in "Up the Down Steroid", but appears prominently at Lake Tardicaca in "Crippled Summer". Her first scene has her practicing with a bow and board to start a fire. She is on the Red Team along with Nathan and Mimsy.


Francis has short, red hair with a bowl cut haircut, and an askew face. Only one of her eyes can stay wide with the other one noticeably squinted. Her mouth is usually opened.

She has worn numerous different outfits in different episodes. Her current outfit is a light pink sweater, dark green pants and black shoes. In "Crippled Summer", Francis wears a red short sleeve shirt, blue shorts, and black shoes. In "Funnybot", she wears a green dress covered in sequins. Its sleeves are short and the matching sandals are also green.



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