Food 4 Little is a local grocery store in South Park that makes its first appearance in the Season Eighteen episode "Handicar".


In "Handicar", the adults of South Park go to Food 4 Little to buy cereal to eat while watching Wacky Races, but the store has run out of cereal by then.

In "The Problem with a Poo", Strong Woman and PC Principal go to Food 4 Little to buy diapers for the PC Babies, but are interrupted by several people who take notice of the babies and make them cry by saying non-PC things.

In "The Scoots", Mr. Mackey desperately tries to get candy for Halloween. One of the places he goes to is Food 4 Little, but he finds that the candy aisle is completely empty.

In "Turd Burglars", Sheila shops at Food 4 Little and sees her friends there. She tells them about the fecal transplant she had that made her look thinner, much to the embarrassment of Ike.

In "Basic Cable", Clark Malkinson is briefly seen shopping at Food 4 Little on his way to the Stotch Residence to fix their cable box.

In "Christmas Snow", the adults of South Park try to buy alcohol at Food 4 Little, but find that the liquor isle has been blocked off by a chain, due to a law that prohibited alcohol from being sold temporarily.

In "The Pandemic Special", following the escape of students from quarantine in South Park Elementary, there was a wave of panic buying among South Park residents.



  • Food 4 Little is based on the real life chain of grocery stores called Food 4 Less, though there are currently none in Colorado.

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