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This page contains trivia for "Follow That Egg!". Remember, trivia must be factual, provable, and it is always best to cite your source for not-so-obvious trivia. If you would like to dispute a trivia point, please discuss it in the talk page.


  • This episode is the first time where Sally, Lola, Esther, and Millie appear in Herbert Garrison's class.
  • This episode shows that Stan and Wendy still have feelings for each other despite breaking up in "Raisins".
    • Stan and Wendy would later reconcile their relationship two years later in "The List".
  • The couples in the egg project are initially:
  • Although Bebe and Wendy are also paired as a same-sex couple for the egg project, Ms. Garrison did not consider their results in her "scientific study" (perhaps the main reason to focus on Stan and Kyle is because Big Gay Al and Mr. Slave's marriage).
  • When Stan and Kyle are running through the crowd, Thomas Tucker and Richard Tweak can be seen in their metrosexual outfits.
    • When the Gay Marriage Rights were passed, Stuart McCormick and Randy Marsh appear in their metrosexual costumes, albeit without moustaches.
  • The paperwork about the egg that Stan and Kyle had to turn in read the following: Morning: Woke up at 7am. Washed egg in sink. Dried. Dusted in baby powder. Dressed egg in overalls and combed hair. EGG IS VERY HAPPY!! Afternoon: After lunch egg watched basketball game on the playground. After, took nap. Stan is a protective father. Evening: Took shower with egg. Egg went to bed at 8:40pm.
  • Butters Stotch does not appear in this episode, despite the plot heavily involving the class.

References to Popular Culture

  • When Kyle asks Stan if he really thinks his hat is stupid, Stan says, "As a matter of fact, I think it is the nicest hat I have ever known". Stan uses exactly the same intonation and style of Captain Picard in Star Trek: First Contact, when he apologizes to Mr. Worf after calling him a coward by saying: "In fact, I think you're the bravest man I have ever known".
  • The song Mrs. Garrison sings, "Love Lost Long Ago", sounds very similar to "Love Changes Everything", the theme song from Andrew Lloyd Webber's musical, Aspects of Love.
  • When Stan is sitting at the coffee table and then at the kitchen table, Stan's arms are drawn similarly to those of Linus and Charlie Brown from Peanuts, usually as they are leaning on the brick wall. He has large forearms and his fingers (he is not wearing gloves) are displayed; at the kitchen table, one arm is resting on the table and his other hand on the side of his face, a pose often assumed by Peanuts characters.


  • This is the second time Kyle has had a bandage around his temple, the first being "Cartman's Incredible Gift".
  • Initially, Cartman and Heidi are paired. It is likely coincidental but they would actually develop a relationship several seasons later from "The Damned" until their climactic break-up in "Splatty Tomato".


  • When handing out pairings, Mrs. Garrison states that Craig will be partnered with two girls: Millie and Red. However, when assigning names to the board, Craig is assigned to Red and Millie goes with Clyde.
  • In one scene in the class, Wendy is talking to Mrs. Garrison who is behind Stan and Kyle; however, Wendy is looking left but Stan's desk is to the right of the classroom.
  • When Mrs. Garrison tells Stan and Kyle that two boys cannot possibly take care of an egg, Kenny is sitting next to Bebe on the far right. When Mrs. Garrison tells the class to make fun of Stan and Kyle's egg for having "two daddies", Wendy is sitting next to Bebe on the far right.
  • When Mrs. Garrison hands Cartman his egg, Heidi is wearing gloves. In the next frame when Mrs. Garrison hands Token his egg, her gloves are gone.

Stan and Kyle with different colored hair.

  • Near the end of the episode, Stan and Kyle's hair are seen coming outside of their hats. Strangely, Stan's hair is brown and Kyle's hair is light brown.

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