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Fluffy is Cartman's pet pig, who first appeared in the Season One episode, "An Elephant Makes Love to a Pig".


In "An Elephant Makes Love to a Pig", Kyle Broflovski attempts to create a new species of smaller "pot-bellied elephants" that he can keep in his house. He hopes to achieve this goal by making his pet elephant make love to Fluffy.

Although his first efforts are futile, with some help from Chef and Elton John, the pair eventually get into the mood and make sweet love. However, for whatever reason, the spawn of this union is a piglet with an uncanny resemblance to Mr. Garrison.

Fluffy is also seen sleeping in the hallway of Cartman's house during "Cherokee Hair Tampons". She wakes up squealing as Stan and Butters try to break in and steal Cartman's kidney. Cartman wakes up, smacks her, then yells "Shut up, Fluffy!" before going back to sleep, completely oblivious to Stan and Butters' presence.

She has not made any subsequent appearances since "Cherokee Hair Tampons", having been supplanted by Mr. Kitty.


Fluffy is a little pink pot-bellied pig.



International Names[]

Language Title Remarks
Cantonese 小猪
(siu2 zyu1)
German Schnuffi
Mandarin Chinese 小猪猪
(Xiǎo zhū zhū)
Spanish (Latin America) Fofa
Ukrainian Пушинки
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