Florence Cartman is Eric Cartman's great-grandmother; she is also the mother of Mabel Cartman and maternal grandmother of Liane and Howard Cartman. She made her first appearance on "Merry Christmas Charlie Manson!". She was not seen at her daughter's funeral in "Cartmanland".


During her first appearance, she is shown as an overweight old lady with a very wrinkly face and a green dress. Due to her weight and age, she is usually seen with a walker to help her move. It is also presumed that she suffers from urinary incontinence as she has to have a catheter bag with her at all times.


Like Cartman, she is shown to have quite a temper. This can be seen when her daughter asks her to "do the honors" of saying grace which causes her to respond quite aggressively, as she feels she always does it.


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