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Flora Larsen is a kindergartner girl. She made her first appearance in the Season Four episode, "Trapper Keeper". In the elections for kindergarten class she was undecided on who to vote for class president, but ultimately chose Ike Broflovski against Filmore Anderson.


Flora has short blonde hair with 2 bows in it and she has black eyes. She has fair skin. She also wears a light pink shirt, along with pink pants and black shoes. In some episodes, her shirt has a purple heart on it.

In "Funnybot", she was seen in a dress that was the same color of her pants that she usually wears at the "1st Annual Comedy Awards". Later in the episode, she was seen in her normal clothes.


Her name is likely a play on "Florida", as the state was undecided in the presidential election a few days before "Trapper Keeper" aired.

In "Royal Pudding", Flora was shown to be talented with the piano as she was shown playing it in Mr. Mackey's play on "Tooth Decay".

In "Reverse Cowgirl", she had a cameo appearance, where she was shown on one of the TSA's bathroom monitors sitting on a toilet.

South Park: The Stick of Truth[]

She appears as one of the six kindergarteners who hides in Hide 'n' Seek. After the player finds her, she befriends them. Her appearance changes a little as she is seen with a red heart on her shirt.



In the episode "Here Comes the Neighborhood", it reveals that her sister is 4th grader Millie Larsen and they are seen with their mother Mrs. Larsen. They were at the zoo and Flora was seen in a stroller.


Flora has a possible friendship with Jenny and Filmore as she is seen hanging out with them in "Trapper Keeper", "Toilet Paper", "Butt Out", “Butters' Bottom Bitch", and "Tonsil Trouble".


Flora is a sweet and well-meaning but horribly indecisive little girl in the Kindergarten class. She has trouble making any kind of decision, whether it's a class presidential race or where to hide while playing hide and seek. Like her sister, she enjoys musical talents and likes to play the piano.


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  • The name Flora bears a close resemblance to Florida. And Flora's inability to decide on a class president was in turn based on Florida's inability to settle on a candidate in the Presidential Election of 2000.
  • In multiple episodes, most notably in "Here Comes the Neighborhood", she is depicted as Millie Larsen's sister in background scenes.
  • Her original last name was Flora Neal in "Trapper Keeper", but her sister's last name was given as Larsen in South Park: The Stick of Truth, Flora's last name is now Larsen.


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