The "Fishsticks Joke" is a joke created by Jimmy Valmer. It gained popularity across the world in the Season Thirteen episode, "Fishsticks".


The joke is a set of questions used to make the individual on the receiving end say what makes them sound like a gay fish, due to its play on words. It replaces "fishsticks" with "fishdicks", which sound similar. The transcript of it is as follows:

A: So do you like fishsticks?
B: Yes.
A: Do you like putting fishdicks in your mouth?
B: Yes.
A: Then what are you? A gay fish?!


In "Fishsticks", the joke is created solely by Jimmy Valmer. It was created when Eric Cartman visited Jimmy at his home. Jimmy creates it after suggesting that Cartman eat fishsticks, instead of the fruit provided by Jimmy's mother. This inspired the joke.

The joke becomes a worldwide hit, with people calling it the funniest joke of all time. The only person in the whole world who doesn't get the joke is rapper Kanye West, who believes that people are making fun of his personality and are spreading rumors about him being a "gay fish". However, when Cartman convinces Jimmy that he has a messed up ego, Kanye thinks that he is suffering from the same problem, and embraces his destiny as a literal gay fish.

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