The First Lady's Symposium on Obesity was seen in the Season Sixteen episode, "Raising the Bar", where Michelle Obama is seen presenting.



Michelle Obama speaking.

Flanked by Secret Service agents, Michelle Obama cites obesity to be a 'growing epidemic', and should be the United States' top priority.

Unable to give a clear answer as to what should be done about obesity, she instead presents Honey Boo Boo versus Fatty Doo Doo.

Eric Cartman and Alana Thompson proceed to 'sketti-wrestle' on a large area covered in spaghetti. As James Cameron raises the bar, Stan Marsh and Kyle Broflovski contemplate their situation. More and more, people begin to leave the event, thinking of the contest as being nothing more than garbage.

The bar being raised even more, Michelle stops the 'sketti-wrestling' and declares that she'd dedicate her administration to fighting childhood obesity. She then punches Eric Cartman and destroys his scooter.

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