Fidel Castro was the former Prime Minister of the Republic of Cuba who appeared briefly in the Season Four episode "The Wacky Molestation Adventure".

On the night of November 25, 2016, Castro was pronounced dead of natural causes.


When Kyle asks his mom and dad if he can go to a Raging Pussies concert, they say he can go if he does three things, one of which includes bringing democracy to Cuba. In response, Kyle writes Castro a letter asking him if Cuba can change while also drawing Castro a picture of himself crying and holding a flower. This ends up working and Castro ends communism in Cuba, much to the surprise of Kyle's parents, who still refuse to let him go to the Raging Pussies concert because they thought the task they gave him was impossible.


Castro has gray hair, dark gray eyebrows, and a long gray beard. He wears a navy green hat with a brown and black edge and a yellow five-pointed star on it. He also wears a navy green shirt with several pockets on it on top of a white undershirt and black tie, navy green pants, and black boots. He is also seen with a cigar in his mouth.


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