The Ferrari Cake is a cake, which has a similar appearance to a Ferrari Enzo, that appears in the Season Ten episode, "Hell on Earth 2006".


When Satan throws a huge Halloween party in Los Angeles, he decides to have the Ferrari cake for dessert, after realizing that P. Diddy already had a giant chocolate fondue fountain, a doughnut machine, and an ice cream bar. It was destroyed when the three serial killers were distracted by arguing and murdering random people, including a random citizen who offered his help to them.

The cables lifting the cake broke and the cake was destroyed. The Acura Cake was a last minute replacement found by Satan's assistant Demonius, which enrages Satan. A second Ferrari Cake was going be made by The Three Murderers, but they failed to even make the mixture, killing each other before they got the eggs. The Ferrari Cake needs ten thousand eggs in order to be made.

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