The Female QAnon Tutor was a member of QAnon and its private tutor branch Tutornon. She appeared in Season Twenty-Four episode "South ParQ Vaccination Special".


The female tutor was part of the Tutornon organization, formed by QAnon members to spread their beliefs to children. She was assigned to teach Craig Tucker, explaining to Craig the conspiracy theory about how the Hollywood Elites have been using Jeffrey Epstein's child sex services to harvest adrenochrome. They rely on adrenochrome to stay in power and control the masses. As she was about to reveal information about the Hollywood Elites, she was interrupted by Mr. Garrison, and was later placed on chokehold by Garrison's secret service agent. Before dying, she revealed to Garrison that the White family was the party responsible for kickstarting the organization.


The tutor has shoulder-length black hair with a mole on her right cheek, and wears a red checkered shirt over a blue Tutornon uniform with blue pants. There are two badges pinned onto her shirt, one with a "Q" symbol and another with the American flag. She carries a revolver strapped onto her right thigh.

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