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  • Multiple scenes from this episode involving Kenny's disgusting acts (such as eating his own vomit) are replaced with a black screen that reads "The following scene of Kenny [performing some disgusting act] has been edited for your protection" with smooth jazz music playing in the background when aired in syndication (similar editing is done on the syndicated version of the season six episode "Red Hot Catholic Love"). This however, doesn't happen on the DVD.
  • Tom Green is Canadian, but does not have a floppy head or beady eyes when he appears with Kenny on the Howard Stern show
  • In this episode, Kenny didn't die, because he gets sent to jail. Instead, to complete his stunt, Cartman's impersonator takes his place and is crushed by the pressure of the stunt. As a result, Stan and Kyle respectively say "Oh my god! They killed Kenny! Sort of..." "Yeah, they kind of killed Kenny's lookalike...You bastards!"
  • Kenny is the second of the gang to be sent to jail after Cartman threw a rock at Token. Kenny is sent in for prostitution.
  • Stephen Stotch can be seen in the crowd when Kenny eats dog poo on Jesus and Pals. He is wearing a red sweater instead of his usual shirt and tie. He is later present for the Krazy Kenny Show.
  • In this episode, a small amount of a more "3D" style is used, first when Kenny is seen rotating on the podium at Jesus and Pals, then when the Krazy Kenny set rotates to reveal his grampa ready for a full body massage.
  • When Kenny eats the manatee's spleen, you can see his mouth quite clearly.
  • The lyrics Cartman is singing just before his intervention is "You'll never find another love like mine" by Lou Rawls which is also a song Token sings in the episode "Wing".
  • The accompanying music used in Chef's prostitution song would later be used in "The Simpsons Already Did It".
  • At the end there is a kid that resembles one of the original four boys from "Jesus vs. Frosty".
  • This is the last episode to feature Jesus's TV show Jesus and Pals.



  • When Chef is explaining what prostitutes are, Kyle's mouth is slanted.
  • When the sceen shifts to the aduience in Jesus in pals,a man in the front row can be seen with no pupil


  • When Mrs.Crabtree pushes the fake Kenny out of her uterus,it is offscreen.
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