Fastpass is the superhero alter-ego of Jimmy Valmer. He made his debut appearance in the Season Twenty-One episode, "Franchise Prequel".

Video Games

South Park: The Fractured But Whole

He sides with The CoonHuman KiteMosquito, Super Craig, and Captain Diabetes.[2]

Official Ally Description

Mild-mannered Stand-up comedian Jimmy Valmer by day, classic Speedster by night, Fastpass blind sides evil with quickness, invisibility, and a potent heal. Also provides a handy fast-travel service.


Fastpass is a Speedster.

Beginning with his ultimate, his in-game powers are listed below, with their official names and descriptions.

  • Burning Lap - Trample and apply Burning to all foes in a row.
  • Blind Side - Damages foes and grants Fastpass Invisibility.
  • Hit and Run - Strike a foe from range.
  • Transporter - Swap spots with an ally and Heal them.


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