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Farty O'Cool is the owner of the namesake Irish pub who appears in the Season Twenty-Five episode "Credigree Weed St. Patrick's Day Special".


During a St. Patrick's Day sale at Credigree Weed, Farty O'Cool visits the farm and requests from Steve Black 2.5 tons of their St. Patrick's Day Special, to be sold for the patrons at the pub's St. Patrick's Day party.

At the party, the owner, along with many other patrons, watch a news report on Butters Stotch (who had been arrested for sexual harassment) escaping from the police station's jail cell.


Farty O'Cool wears a white shirt with green trims and an imprint of the pub's logo, green striped pants with belt, and brown shoes, along with a pair of glasses, a silver pendant, and a silver watch.

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