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Farts of Future Past is the final story mission in South Park: The Fractured But Whole.

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Plot details follow.


Put a stop to Mitch Conner once and for all!


The Mission Through Time

After clearing Mephesto's Lab, meet up with the Freedom Pals at City Hall. On the way, you will be able to witness the weirdness and the obvious decadence filling the town.

Mitch Conner is clearly the mayor now, and he is protected by the police force and a blockade, in extreme complacency, he looks out of the window and mocks the heroes. Having realized the total defeat, Freedom Pals sadly sticks around before blaming the New Kid for it.

But all is not lost, a strange swirl appears on the top-right corner of the screen, revealing Morgan Freeman, who explains that he now knows the situation, and is willing to help. But the details would have to be in his taco shop.

Before continuing, now is a great time do whatever you want in this town. This next section is very long and arduous.

After meeting up with the Freedom Pals, go talk to Morgan Freeman at Freeman's Tacos. He will put out a legendary taco, claiming it contains the power to leap through time. He will then warn you to do everything you can before continuing. Stock up on all the consumables you want, but don't worry too much, after the long section next, the hub world will still be available.

Use the TimeFart to leap through time when you are ready.

After a long period of build up, the New Kid glows blinding light with a giant sound. They now float in the air, like a little sun in the shop. All the kids watch this go down in amazement. But it does't seem to be going very well, the light keeps growing, and Freeman started questioning whether the new kid is believing in themselves.

The question can't answered by anyone else, as the light grows out of control, the space beside is twisting, the abnormality seems beyond obvious. Following Freeman's terrified shout of "You Don't believe in yourself !", the light engulfed the entire store, and the powerful time fart managed to take every superhero out of this time, and to a destination of unknown.

Christmas Forever

You will wake up in the store, but without Morgan Freeman or any light, get out of the store to proceed. After the cut scene showing what has become of South Park under Mitch Conner's rule, you and your team will be thrown into a battle with his enforcers: the Woodland Critters. After a brief demonstration of their Satanic powers, your team realizes you cannot complete this battle on your own strength. Mash the corresponding botton to pray to Jesus, and as the result of a mistake, Santa will arrive to assist you in battle. Because of this, however, Rabbit-y will sacrifice himself to the devil again, giving all enemies more attack.

These are the toughest regular enemies in the game. Be sure to have at least one or two characters with healing abilities. We recommend Toolshed, Call Girl, and Captain Diabetes for your party. These critters have large health pools and deal massive damage. In particular, pay attention to Beary. He has a very strong AOE attack. Save your TimeFart until his turn.

Leave your healers in the middle if they also have long-range attacks. During this fight, AOE attacks are going to be the most effective. However, when limited to single-target attacks, be sure to focus your efforts on one critter at a time. Finishing off just one will prevent massive damage being done to your team. Take down the woodland critters to receive the Festive Verse artifact.

Then, keep moving left to reach Unplanned Parenthood. After a short cutscene, use your TimeFart to leap through time again.

Conflict Between Two Worlds

This time, you will be in the bathroom, watching your past self on the toilet. Once you've understood what is going on, head outside to reach a massive battle.

For this fight, we recommend Toolshed, Tupperware, and Mosquito as your teammates. Also, be sure to have the Root Burst Plantmaster AOE attack. Your main objective in the battle is to defeat your old self: The King. Start dealing damage and he will remove himself.

Just after, Warrior Clyde will arrive, bolstered by three minions. Warrior Clyde has the ability to give protection to all the warriors around him. Be sure to focus your attacks on him to prevent this attack happening more than once. Defeat Warrior Clyde to end this segment. Next, Thief Craig arrives. He also brings four shadow clones with him. After every 3 turns, he will spawn four more clones. In this case, focus all your attacks on the original Thief Craig. Ignore his minions. Finish him off to enter the next battle.

Now, High Jew Elf Kyle arrives. His special attack is not as annoying as his friends. Although he does rain down several arrows, dealing bleed status as well. Again, simply take out High Jew Elf Kyle to finish this section.

Finally, the King returns. He also brings Kyle, Clyde, Craig, and Butters with him. To start, focus your attack on Warrior Clyde. You will struggle to defeat the king with him spamming his protection. After defeating him, focus your efforts on the king. Even though his health pool is high, you'll want to use all your single-target attacks on him. Again, the Root Burst ability is ideal. Pair that with the TimeFart Summon to lay on the pain in this battle. Defeat the King to receive the Elven Relic.

Proceed to watch the following cut scene as the Freedom Pals invade Cartman's house to confront The Coon as they know what he is up to and is not falling on his trick anymore; this results in Mitch Conner showing up on The Coon's left hand as he congratulates The New Kid and Freedom Pals for finding him. He then proceeds to punch The New Kid on the solar plexus, causing The New Kid to fart back to the original story with The Coon.

Origin...The True Story

After the cut scene, Mitch Conner, The Coon and The New Kid will be seen arriving at a strangely familiar room. The Coon then questions Mitch on where they are, Mitch then replies that they're in the place "where a superhero was born", and asks if The New Kid recognizes the location. As The New Kid and The Coon turns around, a familiar event unfolds in front of their eyes.

The Backstory New Kid, wearing the familiar red onesie pajamas is seen waking up out of bed, and walking to the mirror. Mitch Conner, in complacency, narrates the process. The Coon tries to shush him, but Mitch continues narrating that The New Kid has wanted to change what happened that night all along, and that he's giving the chance. The familiar scream is then heard, causing Backstory New Kid to quickly rush out of the room. The Coon tries to persuade The New Kid not to head out to change the past, but Mitch disagrees and goads The New Kid to step outside.

You have only one option, which is to proceed outside of the room. Out on the hallway, the three familiar intruders and a confused Backstory New Kid will be seen, as Conner continues to goad The New Kid to go and change the past, he even offers the choice to either fight the intruders or head straight to the bedroom to stop The New Kid's parents from doing their intimate act. However, the intruders then revealed that they broke in not for any malicious intent, but only to approach The New Kid as they know The New Kid is a massive central attraction on social media, the intruders then pleadingly wants to be part of The New Kid's followers to boost their publicity, leaving The Coon confused. Proceed to take a selfie with the not-so-harmful intruders (whose names are revealed as James, Percy and Jessy respectively), then enter your parents' bedroom.

Another cut scene ensues, where The New Kid is finally able to stop what happened between The New Kid's mother and father, only to see the mother just drinking red wine and the father just smoking pot instead. Mitch Conner then says that he's got what he wanted, and proceeds to vanish from The Coon's hand. The New Kid's father then asks who are they, as The Coon then points out to himself, Backstory New Kid and The New Kid themselves. The New Kid's mother then grumbles that The New Kid will eventually find out that they've been hiding the unwanted secret from The New Kid for a long time; The New Kid's parents then decide to come clean on their secret as The New Kid listens with a stunned expression.

It is revealed that both The New Kid's parents have unexpected superpowers to gain a massive amount of followers in social media, with the father rapidly gaining followers on Facebook while the mother rapidly gaining followers on Instagram. They then state that with powers like these, they cannot go unnoticed and they soon got captured by the government, who then run experiments on both of them to find out how the both of them are able to amass followers in social media at a rapid rate. The couple then states that it was during their time being held captivity in the government lab that they conceived The New Kid, with The New Kid inheriting their combined power to amass followers at a rapid rate, on any kind of social media. Because of that, they then decide to make their escape from the government lab to prevent The New Kid's power from being used to do horrible things. After their escape, they have been relocating from one town to another, hoping to elude the authorities. However, due to The New Kid's enhanced powers to gain social media followers, the followers keeps coming, even to the extent of breaking in The New Kid's house to use the bathroom so as to get close to The New Kid. With that, they've been adding medicine to The New Kid's food to try to suppress the powers; unfortunately the medicine doesn't work, as a side effect it gives The New Kid massively smelly and powerful flatulence, in a way revealing the source of The New Kid's farting powers. As The New Kid's parents ended their confession, they then finally felt relived that they won't have to hide their secret any longer, and decide to stop their respective indulgences of drinking wine and smoking pot respectively, and decides to believe in themselves. Their lengthy confession bores The Coon out though.

The New Kid's mother then asks if The New Kid is now able to believe after knowing the truth; proceed to open the Timefart controls and perform the necessary Timefart action, once the meter is filled up, The New Kid will be floating in the air, then press the relevant prompt button to 'believe in yourself'. Once pressed, the true version of the Timefart Leap is performed; a rainbow halo surrounds The New Kid as The New Kid also glows in a warm light.

You will then be transported back into the present time with The Coon, where a speech can be heard from the town square. From there, head all the way left to the town square with The Coon.

The Final Battle of Confusion

Upon arriving near the town square, a cut scene will play, showing the Freedom Pals arriving to stop Mitch Conner from being mayor. The New Kid and The Coon arrived at the same time, which made Toolshed and Call Girl asking The Coon to admit his wrongdoings at the town square. In response, The Coon says that he has no control over Mitch, however Human Kite is having none of it and angrily asks The Coon to admit that the havoc was all his idea. Both Human Kite and The Coon continued arguing, but then an unexpected event twist happened in the argument: Mitch Conner appears on Human Kite's left hand.

The Coon then tells Human Kite to stop messing around, with Human Kite saying that he's not controlling Mitch in response. However, The Coon does not believe Human Kite's explanation, as Human Kite still insists that he's not controlling Mitch. This made Mitch laugh out, as he has successfully made the members of Freedom Pals lash out at each other's throats; this leaves most of the other Freedom Pals confused, with Mysterion stating that he really has no idea on what's going on. Mitch, riding on Human Kite then walks towards the side of The Coon and The New Kid, gleefully telling the Freedom Pals to decide whether to take down The Coon or Human Kite as he laughs manically; you will then be placed into combat against The Coon and Human Kite.

Here, you need to fight both Human Kite and The Coon. Thankfully this fight is not as hard as the last (though it is extremely confusing). You will need to defeat both of them to continue. First, focus your attacks on the Human Kite to deal double damage to the Coon. Then, give the enemies space to attack each other. We recommend taking out the Coon first to prevent his bleeding effect. Eventually, defeat both of them.

After both Mitch Conners has been brought down, a cut scene will ensue, where both Human Kite and The Coon argue among each other on who is messing around. They both decided to admit at the same time, however The Coon jumped the gun, which annoyed Human Kite.

As Randy is seen giving his speech on the stage at the town square, Mitch Conner then made his appearance, lifting up the crowd. As he is prepared to be sworn in, the Freedom Pals barged onto the stage, with Toolshed showing who the real perpetrator is, with one of the audience questioning the fact Mitch Conner rides on 'a fat raccoon'. Toolshed tries to explain that his campaign is all a fluke, however the audience is having none of it. Call Girl then proceeds to ask The New Kid to upload Mitch Conner's plan taken from their tour at the genetics lab.

Your Coonstagram app will then be automatically opened, scroll down through the app to look for the post containing Mitch's plan taken during the tour of the lab. Once the post is found, Call Girl will request for the post to be uploaded to her phone, proceed to do so by pressing the prompt button shown on screen.

After the post has been uploaded, the crowd realizes of Mitch's dastardly plan, with Randy asking why their drugs and alcohol is being spiked. Mitch Conner will then reveal his backstory, similar to the one which The Coon has created for The New Kid's inauguration as superhero (which basically involves the mother getting raped by the father).

However, Mitch Conner's mother then appears on The Coon's right hand, stating that she's the one who did the act against Mitch's father, surprising Mitch himself. They both then got into a fight with each other, getting themselves 'killed' as a result. The crowd then felt relieved that Mitch is not going to be mayor for the town, as they dispersed to look for clean drugs and alcohol from another nearby town.

The credits similar to the South Park animation series will then roll, you have the option to skip it or let it roll on.


After the credits end, The New Kid is then shown returning home, with both The New Kid's mother and father seen teasing each other on the living room couch. They then informed to The New Kid that they're glad they have released the secret they've been keeping for so long, they then proceed to do some "business" in their bedroom.

As The New Kid's parents did their "business" in their bedroom, The New Kid listens from outside of the door, Professor Chaos then appears, offering The New Kid to join in the dark side, saying as no matter what The New Kid tries to do, The New Kid can't stop their parents from being intimate with each other.

A sinister laugh lets out as the full developer credits roll.

Congratulations! You have completed the main campaign for South Park: The Fractured But Whole! Don't worry, there's still plenty more to do. Be sure to check out all of the side missions here.


  • The name of the mission references the movie X-Men: Days of Future Past.
  • There is a drawer with a golden handle in the Unplanned Parenthood Clinic, signaling availability for looting. However, it cannot be accessed in anyway, as you can only access the abortion clinic's lobby in the main game, and you are immobile during the Timefart Leap cutscene.
  • The mission shows that The New Kid also reacts to farts, and in disgust.
  • The revelation of the powers has elements that practically throws the timeline out of the window.
    • Kelly is shown using an iPad-like device to post her pictures on Instagram, however, iPad or anything similar doesn't come out until 2009, and Instagram would have to wait until 2012 to be widely used on devices.
    • The lab also features plenty of elements of the experiment being conducted in 2014 or later.
    • Considering the New Kid is old enough to pass as a Fourth grader, The story of The Fractured But Whole would have to be set after nine years after.
  • The capture scenes and the daily life scenes of Kelly all featured buildings and certain sections on the map. They can all be identified as a part of San Diego, featured briefly in Butterballs.
    • The government truck that took Kelly seems to be in the exact intersection where Stan Marsh performed his masturbation.
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