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Farmer Carl Denkins is a farmer who lives just outside of South Park.


He first appears in the pilot episode of the series, reporting to Officer Barbrady that his cattle were being mutilated and killed by aliens.

He made many further brief appearances - some of his chickens were molested by the chickenlover in "Chickenlover", and in "Scott Tenorman Must Die", Cartman tricked him into believing that Mr. and Mrs. Tenorman, Scott Tenorman's parents, were trespassing pony killers, and he then shot and killed both of them. He also appears in "Fun with Veal", although he was referred to as "Rancher Bob" in this appearance, implying that his middle name may be Robert.

In "Big Gay Al's Big Gay Boat Ride", he appears as an explosives expert, Jimbo and Ned ask his help to set off a bomb during the music of Richard Stamos.

His final major appearance was as one of the pro-war "rednecks" in "I'm a Little Bit Country", though he has made at least one minor appearance since. He also returns in a similar role in "White People Renovating Houses" being part of the group of protesting rednecks.


He wears a red jacket with blue buttons and two side pockets, a brown belt with a silver-colored buckle, blue jeans, black boots, and a black cowboy hat with a white band. He has brown hair with sideburns, thick eyebrows, and a thick mustache.

South Park: The Stick of Truth

Denkins, now called "Rancher Bill", appears in the side-quest "Magical Songs", where The Bard asks him if he can buy the flute he has for sale. Denkins tells him that the flute is inside the barn with the "crazy cattle" and gives them the key to the barn after The Bard agrees to help him with them. Denkins is later grateful that The Bard and the New Kid managed to kill off the crazy cattle and gives Jimmy the flute for free. He cannot be added as a friend on Facebook.


  • He was not identified by name in the first four seasons; the name Denkins was given in "Scott Tenorman Must Die", and in "Fun with Veal" he is identified as "Rancher Bob". In South Park: The Stick of Truth he is identified as "Rancher Bill". The name 'Carl' comes from the similar explosives character seen in "Big Gay Al's Big Gay Boat Ride".
  • Although he was the real killer of Scott Tenorman's parents, he did not appear or be mentioned in episode "201". It is not known whether Scott was also after him for revenge or forgot that he was the one who literally killed his parents, due to his deranged state of mind. Either way, Scott knew that Cartman tricked Denkins into committing the act in the first place, and that Denkins felt guilty of his actions when the townspeople stared at him in shock for this.
  • Since the fifteenth season, he seems to have been mostly replaced in role by Two Farmers who run their own cattle ranch.



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