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Fanon is a term for theories and ideas created by the fans, such as original characters, storylines, and themes. While fanon characters and storylines, due to their lack of usage in the show due to their fan origins, are usually acknowledged as such and ignored, occasionally fanon names and birthdays for unnamed canonical characters catch on and are passed off as canon by fans, creating confusion. One example is Mrs. McCormick, whose name has never been given on-screen, although the names Peggy and Susan have been used in the past, and Carol (based on a line in "Cripple Fight") has remained popular enough some mistakenly believe it is canon. Other examples include the name Rebecca Bertha Tucker for Red and various fanon nicknames for the Goth Kids.

Karen McCormick may be a sole example of fanon intersecting with the series, as while the name Karen was attributed to Matt Stone, no source has been found identifying its original use prior to "The Poor Kid" - meaning the name may have been coined by fans and taken on by the show due to its popularity.

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