The Excalibur barker is an unnamed employee of the Excalibur Casino who appears in the Season Five episode "It Hits the Fan".


The Excalibur barker first appears when Chef and The Boys bring the "Rune Stone of Gaelic" to the Excalibur Casino. He initially says that he cannot help them, but he then switches his tone of voice and tells them to follow him to see the sorcerer. He seems to believe that Americans are extremely unintelligent because they didn't think that a "curse word" actually meant a "cursed word".


The Excalibur barker has medium-length red hair and red eyebrows. He wears the Excalibur uniform consisting of a golden crown, a blue apron with "Excalibur", and an image of a blue and green shield with two swords in an "X" shape on it, pink pants, pointy blue shoes, and blue gloves. He initially has a normal speaking voice when first talking to Chef and The Boys, but switches to a more sinister voice when they show him the stone.


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