"Everyone is Special" is a song in the Season Twelve episode, "Elementary School Musical".


While discussing their fondness of High School Musical 3 and new student Bridon Gueermo, Red belittles herself by saying she is a nobody compared to Bridon. The other girls try and boost her self-confidence with an impromptu song.


I'd give anything to be with Bridon Guermo but he wouldn't go for me, I'm nobody.

That's not true Red! Everyone has something that makes them unique!
Everyone is special, in their own way.
Move to the beat and let your spirit out.

As long as we've got each other, we'll never have any trouble.

That's what being friends is about!
Everyone is special in their own way,
and we'll always be together as one!

What the hell are they doing?

I have no idea.

As long as we stick together,
together will stay and every kid in school
is special in their own way.

Dude, girls are such fags.

Oh yeah, oh yeah.
Boys, are special in their own way.

Girls, are special like a birthday.

Boys and Girls:
We'll always be a singing and a dancing aloud. Ahhhhhh!

Here he comes!

Bridon Guermo:
I like having fun in the hot summer sun,
and grooving to the beat when my homework is all done.
If I ask me what I notice...

Who the hell is that?

That's Bridon Guermo! He's just a third-grader but he can sing and dance better than anybody.

He's already seen High School Musical over a hundred times!

Boys and Girls:
Everyone is special in their own way.

Bridon Guermo:
Special in their own way!

Boys and Girls:
Move to the beat and let your spirit out.

Bridon Guermo:
Let it out, party people!

Are we the only ones here that are completely confused?

Yeah, we'd better check that movie out.


  • The beginning of this song resembles You Give Love a Bad Name by Bon Jovi.

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