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The European Fecal Standards and Measurements Board is an organization seen in the Season Eleven episode, "More Crap".


The EFSMB is an organization devoted to research on feces, headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland.

In "More Crap", Randy takes a shit the size of a football, which he believes is a record. However, Guinness World Records does not keep records for the size of poop, instead directing him to the European Fecal Standards and Measurements Office in Zurich. The organization comes to South Park and examines Randy's dump, determining that his shit is the largest crap ever, much to his delight.

However, Bono, the previous record holder, is incensed to find that he is now #2, and creates an even larger crap. Disheartened but no defeated, Randy decides to again try break the record and sets out to take another massive dump. Concerned about his father, Stan goes to Bono and asks him to concede the record. However, he finds out a shocking revelation: Bono did not take the biggest crap, he literally is the biggest crap, taken by the board leader back in 1960.

External links

  • - A fan-made website ostensibly maintained by the organization.

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