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Ethiopia is a country in East Africa that was first featured in Season One episode "Starvin' Marvin".


During a Terrance and Phillip Thanksgiving Special, a commercial about starving children in Ethiopia was shown. The commercial featured Sally Struthers, who pleads for a donation in exchange for a Teiko digital sports watch. Unfortunately for the boys, they received a starving Ethiopian child by the name Starvin' Marvin.

While the secret service was in South Park to look for Starvin' Marvin, they took Eric Cartman instead, and left him in the Ethiopian desert. There, he caught Sally Struthers hoarding all of the food and exposed her to the locals.

Cartman and Starvin' Marvin were eventually returned to their respective homes, with the latter bringing a large pile of turkeys to his people.

In "Starvin' Marvin in Space", a Marklar landed its spacecraft on Ethiopia, before being eaten by lions. Starvin' Marvin then took control of the spacecraft, using it to travel to the planet of Marklar.


It is shown as a dry, desert country of Africa.


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