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Estella Havisham is a character from the Season Four episode, "Pip". She is a literary counterpart from Charles Dickens's classic tale, Great Expectations. Estella is Miss Havisham's daughter, she was raised to break men's hearts for her.


Estella first meets Pip after he answers a job offer in a metal newspaper. Pip is later hired by Miss Havisham to be a playmate with Estella, which she had to play along with to break his heart. She is very surprised to find that her game of "whack the blond boy over the head with a log" is one that Pip and his sister play often. Estella treats Pip cruelly, calling him many nasty names. Although she is cruel, Pip still falls in love with her.

After being sent away to become a gentleman, Pip reunites with Estella at a grand ballroom. As they both danced, Pip tells Estella that he believes that he is in love with her, but Estella replies to his confession that she has no heart in being with him. This was sustained when Pip is suddenly heartbroken to find that she has a seventeen-year-old boyfriend who already owns a car. Pip soon discovers that Estella was raised to break men's hearts so that the tears from all of her ex-boyfriends could be used to fuel a machine that would combine Miss Havisham's soul with Estella's body for a new generation.

Pip goes up to save Estella and tries to convince her that she's not cold-hearted by giving her a baby bunny. Estella goes and breaks the bunny's neck, and Pip offers another (which she also kills). Estella continues to kill the bunnies offered by Pip but stops after the twenty-fifth. Pip claims that she has a heart due to her inability to kill the twenty-sixth baby bunny and unhooks her from Miss Havisham's machine. Miss Havisham dies in a fire resulting from the machine malfunctioning, having the manor burnt down, and Estella accepts Pip's love from her "small-testicled love".

It is not stated whether Pip and Estella's relationship continued after the episode, though it is highly unlikely ever since Pip has moved to South Park.

A possible second appearance for her as a boss, named "Blooderella," was about to take place during the cut version of South Park: The Stick of Truth in the Cemetary Quest Line, with her having to side with the Vamp Kids.

Criminal Record[]

  • Animal cruelty: In "Pip", Estella kills twenty-five baby bunnies all by breaking their necks.


Estella is a Caucasian girl with long, wavy blond hair. She has rosy cheeks and dresses very wealthy. She wears a green robe with dark-green trims, a small cravat inside, velvet pants, and a dark pink hat with a dark pink rose and a small veil wrapped on it at the beginning of "Pip". Toward the end of the episode, she wears an amount of make-up, an off-the-shoulder white corset dress with a ribbon on the chest with a tiered ruffle pìnk skirt, a teal necklace with a pearl, and a pink lei with pearls on her head.

In the cut version of South Park: The Stick of Truth, her appearance was changed as a Vampire. Her hair is dyed black with red highlights, wears a red umbrella dress with fishnet neckline and sleeves, gray shoes, a black cape, vampire fangs, and dark make-up.


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