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[[Category:British characters]]
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[[Category:Minor characters]]
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[[Category:Characters voiced by Trey Parker]]

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The Escaped Convict aka Abel Magwitch[2], is a character in the episode "Pip". Having recently escaped from prison, he threatens Pip in the graveyard, but Pip gives him a sandwich and cuts off his handcuffs. Touched by Pip's display of unconditional kindness, he moves to Wales and becomes a millionaire.

Afterwards, he repays Pip's favor by sending him to become a gentleman in London. He later tries to help Pip stop Miss Havisham, but is killed when she spits acid on his face.


He has an irregularly-shaped face, badly-kept stubble, thick eyebrows and a prominent forehead. He initially wears a loose brown shirt and blue trousers, but later dons a morning coat, grey waistcoat and white shirt with white gloves when he becomes a millionaire.


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