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  • This is the only episode where Red is called "Bertha".
  • Nut Gobbler's appearance is based on that of Cindy, a hooker who appears in a series of HBO documentaries about prostitution by filmmaker Brent Owens.
  • When Jimmy is walking down Colfax Pointe to look for a hooker, Kenny's dad can be seen walking in the background.
  • Whenever Jimmy starts to erect, a bell dings.
  • The title of the episode is a parody of "Election Day".
  • Miss Claridge can be seen in the crowd in auditorium.
  • Several sections of students are copy-pasted to save on development time when the full talent show audience is shown. For example, there are two Pips, as well as the kids around him. Ironically, this cuts out the main characters we know to be there such as Stan and Kyle.
  • Blaze, the dancer from The Peppermint Hippo, can be seen with the other hookers.

References to Pop Culture

  • Jimmy makes multiple references to the Chinese demonstrations against Japan at the time. These were non-violent and violent protests over multiple issues the Chinese took such as Japan's rollout of textbooks that were seen to tone down atrocities in WW2 and the proposition that they receive a permanent seat on the UNSC.
  • Jimmy tells jokes to distract his attacker, while Nutgobler knocks him out, similarly in a scene in the 1991 movie The Last Boy Scout where Bruce Willis's character does the same.
  • At the talent show, Cartman performs a scene from Scarface, as Al Pacino's character Tony Montana.
  • Jimmy carrying off Nut Gobbler is a parody of the closing scene to An Officer and a Gentleman.
    • The song playing when Jimmy carries off Nut Gobbler, called "Up Where We Belong" by Joe Cocker and Jennifer Warner, is also from An Officer and a Gentleman.
  • Jimmy calls Cartman A "white Hitch". This is referring to the Will Smith movie "Hitch".


  • When Jimmy is standing with the main cast, Kenny's parka appears totally empty; his face is not shown.
  • When Jimmy first goes into the bathroom, both toilet stalls are occupied. Then when Butters enters the bathroom, one is empty. Both become occupied again when Butters tells Cartman to give a courtesy flush.
  • When Jimmy is in Colfax Point, the same pedestrian can be seen more than once in different places.
  • Buca De Faggoncini is improper Italian, as it should have been "Buca di Faggoncini". This may have been intentional.
  • When Mr. Mackey says 'It's what?', his mouth doesn't move.
  • Despite there being a scene showing that Stan and Kyle are in the crowd during the talent show, they are not present in any of the full shots of the entire audience.

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