The Emo Kids is a group that first appeared in Season 17 episode "Goth Kids 3: Dawn of the Posers". The group was briefly cited earlier in "Breast Cancer Show Ever".


Henrietta's parents were concerned about her behavior and also call her emo, which makes Henrietta angry that her parents don't know the difference between goths and emos, so they send her to a camp that they think might help her be a normal person. When Henrietta returns from camp, Michael, Pete, and Firkle are startled to find that she has become an emo.

Michael goes to Henrietta's room to tell her about the camp having turned her into an emo, Henrietta tells Michael that someday the emos would take over the world. After Michael tells Pete about what happened, his parents forcefully send him to the same camp as Henrietta because they think he was emo too.

Pete and Firkle decide to ask for help from the Vampire Kids. They go to Henrietta's house to show the Vamp Kids what Henrietta had become. Vamp Kids leader, Mike, has the idea of ​​summoning Edgar Allan Poe to help them "break the spell" of the Emo Kids. Meanwhile, a camp gardener tells Michael (who was trapped in a chair) that the camp plants were turning the kids into emos, Michael discovers that the gardener works for those plants.

Pete, Firkle, Mike, Edgar, and a Vamp Kid are going to the camp to rescue Michael and set fire to the place. When they arrive at camp and are about to rescue Michael, Firkle reveals that he is an emo and points a gun at them, he and the gardener then lock everyone in chairs with a plant so that they can be turned into emos. Edgar Allan Poe appears and shoots the "leader plant" and finds that the plants were purchased at Lowe's Home and Garden. The gardener then discovers that everything was actually a joke made by his wife. Michael and Pete come to Henrietta's house to tell her that it was all a hoax and that she had become an emo on her own.


Firkle Smith


Firkle Smith

Firkle was probably the most recent kid to join the group. He has short black hair with a long side-swept fringe. he wears dark purple lipstick, and black eyeshadow resembling bruises. He wears a black jacket, black pants, and black shoes.

Henrietta Biggle


Henrietta Biggle

Henrietta is overweight and has medium length, straight hair that is parted in the center. She wears a black dress, a necklace with the cross on it, and black finger-less gloves. When a camp turned her "emo", she wore her hair parted on the side, grew her bangs longer, and dyed the ends of her pink hair, sporting a green headband as well. She wore running black mascara, pink lipstick, pink striped gloves, and with a bat on her necklace instead of a cross.

Sarah Collins


Sarah Collins

According to Larry, Sarah Collins was part of the Vamp Kids two weeks ago, so it may be that she is the third most recent kid to have become emo. She has long blond hair with black shadow and wears a black shirt with a picture of a skull on the right side, gray pants and black shoes.

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