Emir Hadi is an American of Persian descent who works as Xerxes' messenger.


Emir is a Persian male in his 40s with a five o'clock shadow and hairs between his two eyebrows. He wears a turquoise shirt, denim jeans, gold necklace (with some of his chest hair seen underneath) and wrist jewleries, and green fancy boots.


Emir comes with his crew (or gang of Persians) to Les Bos to inform the costumers that the bar was purchased by the Club Persh chain.

He tries to calm the Lesbian women by telling them that they'll be still welcomed and tries to reason with them, only to get physically harmed by Janet Garrison, who leaves him throwing up on the floor after kicking his groin.

He is evacuated back to his workplace where he notifies his superior, Tumon, of the occuring 30 lesbians' revolt.

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