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Elon Musk is the founder and CEO of Tesla Motors and SpaceX. He appears in the Season Eighteen episode, "Handicar", where he participates in Wacky Races, driving his Tesla D car. He also appears in Season Twenty episodes "Members Only", "Not Funny", and "The End of Serialization as We Know It", in which he makes a guest appearance, voicing himself.


After having the announcement of his new Tesla D car overshadowed by Timmy's Handicar, Musk teams up with Nathan and Mimsy in an effort to reduce Handicar's positive publicity. This effort eventually escalates to a revival of Wacky Races, with Musk and his Tesla D competing against Timmy's Handicar and a variety of other cars.

When Musk eventually takes the lead in the race, his car is attacked and overrun by other Handicars, and Timmy's Handicar wins the race. Because of this, Elon Musk decides to buy the rights to Handicar from Timmy for $2.3 billion, a deal that Timmy accepts.

Elon returns in "Members Only", in which he leads a tour around SpaceX. He shows Cartman, Heidi, and Butters the different things SpaceX has been working on. When he reveals that they are not ready to go to Mars, Butters tells him that Heidi can help them get to Mars as she is "smart and funny". He agrees to let her try. In "Not Funny", he tells people they aren't ready to go to Mars, before discovering he might be able to when Heidi discovers an error in the calculations. Elon is all set to go to Mars when Kyle uses the power source of SpaceX to bring down Cartman gets everyone to evacuate SpaceX. After it is destroyed, Cartman suggests to Elon to "go back to your little cars" referring to his involvement with Tesla Motors.


Elon Musk has combed brown hair and wears a gray business suit, which consists of black shoes, gray pants, a gray coat, a light blue shirt, a belt, and a burgundy puff tie. When driving the Tesla D, Musk wears goggles.



  • Trey Parker and Matt Stone are friends with Elon Musk in real life. On the S20 commentary, Trey mentions playing board games with him including Dungeons & Dragons. Matt also attended the party Musk held after hosting Saturday Night Live in 2021.[3]


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