Elin Nordegren is Tiger Woods' former wife. She is Swedish. In the episode "Sexual Healing", Elin primarily appears as a video game character, in Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11, for Xbox 360, which is not so much a golf-game as a two-player fighting game. In the game, Elin goes around beating Tiger with a golf club for his many infidelities in assorted venues such as their house, the golf course and news conferences. The game is highly popular among the boys, who find it far more entertaining than a golf game.

Throughout the episode, numerous men, including Tiger Woods, attempt to make the claim that they are not responsible for their sexual behavior, but rather that it's caused by something outside their control, such as addiction. She later appears with Tiger during his press conference in which he claims that he is 'cured' of his sex addiction (thanks to the death of the "Wizard Alien" responsible), and that she now has no reason to get revenge on him by having affairs with numerous other men.

She gives him a shifty-eyed look, which implies she still plans to, or already has. Apparently with Tiger now behaving himself, her character avatar is removed from the game, making it a boring golf game once again.


She has blonde hair and can usually be seen wearing a lavender-colored sweater. Her weapon of choice - the golf club.


Tiger Woods

Strained. After Elin finds out about Tiger Woods receiving a text message from "some low-life hooker" on Thanksgiving, she goes on a rampage, chasing him around the house with a golf club. After Tiger Woods announced his having been "cured" of sexual addiction and his forthcoming return to golf, it appeared that they were reconciled, though probably only in public.

It should be noted that in real-life, Elin divorced Woods in August 2010, several months after "Sexual Healing" aired.


  • Elin to Tiger Woods: "You motherfucker! I never should have married you!" from "Sexual Healing"
  • Elin to Tiger Woods: "Why-a the fuck are you getting a text-a message from some-a low-life-a hooker on Thanksgiving?!" from "Sexual Healing"


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