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High School Musical References

  • This entire episode parodies High School Musical, a series of movies produced by Disney.
  • The "Go With the Status Quo" song is a parody of the High School Musical song "Stick to the Status Quo".
  • Bridon's wish to play basketball is a reversed reference to Zac Efron's High School Musical character Troy, because Troy plays basketball but wanted to be in the school musical.
  • The dance moves of "Go With the Status Quo" are taken from the High School Musical song "All for One".
  • "We're So Happy to Be in School Again" is a parody of "We're All in This Together".
  • At the end of the episode, Kyle's hair is redesigned from his normal Jewfro to look like Corbin Bleu's hairstyle, who played the supporting part of Chad in High School Musical.

Additional Pop Culture References

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