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"Elementary School Musical"
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Episode no. Season 12
Episode 13
Production no. 1213
Original airdate November 12, 2008
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"Elementary School Musical" is the thirteenth episode of Season Twelve, and the 180th overall episode of South Park. It aired on November 12, 2008.[1]


The boys must embrace the latest fad to hit South Park Elementary or risk their status as the coolest kids in school.[1]


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Plot details follow.

During lunch, Butters Stotch announces he's going to see High School Musical 3 again. The boys question what this is and realize they're clueless about the newest fad. Several fourth-graders and a third grader named Bridon Gueermo begin singing in the cafeteria in said fashion. After watching the movie, the boys immediately hate it, and vow never to become a part of it. Eric Cartman decides to commit suicide by inducing carbon monoxide while sleeping under his mother's car with the engine turned on, but fails since the hybrids "don't do the trick anymore".

The next day at school, the boys find everyone singing again in class, and Stan Marsh fears that his girlfriend Wendy Testaburger is becoming very close with Bridon because they are close together during songs. He confronts Wendy, who tells him that he's being ridiculous and that she wouldn't leave him because Bridon could be with any girl he wanted. Stan is still uneasy, believing that Bridon will develop a crush on Wendy. He talks to Bridon in hopes of directing him away from Wendy, and finds out Bridon would prefer to play basketball instead of singing. However, Bridon's overly flamboyant theater-crazed metrosexual father refuses to allow him to play a "sissy" sport. Stan convinces Bridon to stand up for himself, but Bridon's father slaps his mother after she suggests Bridon should be allowed to play basketball. Mr. Gueermo's very weak flamboyant slaps are depicted as a painful deterrent.

Stan prods Bridon to try out with the basketball team anyway by going up to Mr. Garrett, but Bridon's father finds out and drags him away. Stan reports this to Child Services, but Bridon's father slaps them until they flee. Later, Bridon tries to run away, but his father stops him and threatens to slap him. In retaliation, Bridon punches his father in the nose, and his mother (never realizing that it was an option) begins beating his father senseless as well. The next day, Bridon plays at a basketball game and does well; his father, however, enjoys the musical aspects and choreographed cheering.

Meanwhile, Kyle, Cartman, and Kenny are hanging out with an unpopular boy named Scott Malkinson, who is ridiculed by fellow students for no particular reason other than his lisp and diabetes. At school, the kids try to persuade Stan to sing again, but instead of performing a modern impromptu pop song, he sings off-key versions of old folk songs, making a fool of himself. Despite having vowed against it, Stan then decides to join the trend and studies the High School Musical series intensively. The boys try to convince him otherwise, reminding him of their vow, but he counters by explaining that things are changing and that Butters is now more popular than they are.

The next day, Wendy asks Bridon where he was and he explains he was at basketball. Stan, Kyle, Cartman, and Kenny then successfully perform a song—along with an equally elaborate dance routine—about Bridon following his own dreams, but everyone else is uninterested and goes to watch Bridon play basketball instead. Scott tells the boys that everyone has left and that they only liked singing and dancing because Bridon was doing it. The episode ends with Stan complaining that they had put forth so much effort to become good for no reason at all.


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