Elderly woman in wheelchair


The elderly woman in wheelchair appears in the Season Twenty-Four episode, "South ParQ Vaccination Special".


In order to get into Walgreens to get the COVID-19 vaccines for their teachers, the boys pose as the Kommunity Kidz and with this elderly woman, pretending to assist senior citizens who need help getting to the vaccination locations. The bouncer readily lets them in. Once inside, the elderly woman asks for her payment for the cover. She has already been vaccinated, and threatens to squeal on the boys if they do not pay her. She apparently forgot that they had already paid her. When the pharmacist comes over, the boys get into an argument and it is revealed that they have a plan. As the elderly woman squeals on them, Stan kicks the pharmacist, Kenny grabs the vaccines and the boys run out of the store, in clear sight of everyone in line.


The elderly woman in wheelchair has short white hair and wears glasses, a blue surgical mask, and red earrings. She has wrinkles and age spots on her face and is often scowling. She wears a violet blouse and red shoes and has a dark blue striped scarf covering her legs.

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