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  • The mouse with an ear on its back is a reference to the Vacanti Mouse
  • The escape and pursuit of the penis-backed mouse is an allusion to the runaway Archie, a mechanical penis constructed by Kryten in the Red Dwarf series episode Pete.
  • The song that the penis-backed mouse sings in the moonlight is a reference to Somewhere Out There from An American Tail.
  • Cartman's stint teaching in an inner city school is a reference to the film Stand and Deliver.
  • The high school Cartman teaches at is named Jim Davis High School. In Stand and Deliver, the school was Garfield High School. Jim Davis is the creator of the Garfield comic.
  • Mr. Derp cameos in the background when Garrison returns, meaning he has likely replaced Chef.
  • Mr. Garrison's final speech is ironic given his actions in "Mr. Garrison's Fancy New Vagina" where he immediately wishes for a sex change back when he realizes he can't get an abortion.
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