Edgar Allan Poe, or "Nightpain", was an American author and poet who appeared as a ghost in the Season Seventeen episode, "Goth Kids 3: Dawn of the Posers", although he was referenced in the Season Seven episode, "Raisins", when he appeared on Stan Marsh's shirt, as he had temporarily turned goth.


In order the fight off the emos, the Vampires summon Poe as a ghost. Upon being summoned, Poe insults emos as "wannabe conformists", vampires as "douchey", and Pete as a "poser". In the car, on the way to stop the emos, he states that his "goth name" is Nightpain, thus making him a goth. After helping to infiltrate Troubled Acres, Poe abandons the group, instead choosing to drink coffee at the Village Inn, however he does eventually return to reveal that the "emo plants" are actually just regular ficus plants from Lowe's Home and Garden. He presumably ascended into the afterlife after that.


Edgar Allan Poe has disheveled, black hair, black eyeliner around his eyes, and a black mustache. He appears wearing a black, nineteenth century suit consisting of a black coat, black pants, a white shirt, a gray tie, and black shoes. He also often has a cigarette.

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