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The front page of Eavesdropper.

Eavesdropper was a gossip website where private information is often posted. The website was central to the plot of the Season Fifteen episode, "Bass to Mouth". Eavesdropper was used by Lemmiwinks' older brother, Wikileaks, to post private, often embarrassing, stories about the students and faculty of South Park Elementary. This website was later shut down by the school faculty after Wikileaks was killed by Lemmiwinks.

Stories posted on Eavesdropper

  • Pete Melman soiled his pants during social studies. He had to go to the school nurse and call his mother for a new pair of jeans. The phone call in question was also made available for listening on the website.
  • A picture of a boy and Nelly kissing in a tree is shown, with the headline "Sitting in a Tree!! K-I-S-S-I-N-G!!".
  • A story about an apparent wedgie outbreak at South Park Elementary.
  • Jenny Simons soiled her pants after being fed cupcakes laced with laxatives by Eric Cartman. She later attempted suicide. An e-mail from her boyfriend calling her "soft-serve Simon" was also published on Eavesdropper. A later story stated that Jenny Simon was still on suicide watch some time later.
  • Token Black's private gym photos.
  • Trent Boyett was seen in what appeared to be a courtroom in one of the videos.
  • An e-mail from Stan Marsh to Kenny McCormick concerning Elise Thompson's hot buttcrack. An excerpt read, "Dude, you should have been in PE today. Elise Thompson's butt crack was totally showing." Stan went on to call her butt crack "nice" and concluded that the whole experience was "pretty awesome", Wendy was very embarrassed by this.
  • An undisclosed embarrassing story on Craig Tucker.
  • A story about Billy Martin getting his hand caught in his locker.
  • Stories on Emily and Tammy Nelson's mothers' problems with alcoholism.
  • Tommy Edwards having a crush on Marla Watkins.
  • Catatafish making an underage Salmon perform "Bass to mouth" (hence the episode name; 'bassmouth' is a euphemism for some overly passionate bedroom activities).
  • Eavesdropper's biggest story ever, regarding the school faculty's attempt to add laxatives to an entire school lunch, was squashed before it could be publicly disclosed, due to Wikileaks' death.


  • Eavesdropper and Wikileaks are a reference to the website WikiLeaks.
  • The Eavesdropper font and design parody celebrity gossip website TMZ.
  • Each post shown has the same amount of comments, tweets, likes, and Google+ '+1's.