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This page contains trivia for "Eat, Pray, Queef". Remember, trivia must be factual, provable, and it is always best to cite your source for not-so-obvious trivia. If you would like to dispute a trivia point, please discuss it in the article comments.


References to Popular Culture

  • The episode's title parodies the book Eat, Pray, Love.
  • During the Road Warrior queef, paraphrased lines of dialogue from Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior—specifically an exchange between the characters Wez and Lord Humungus—can be heard.
  • The montage of Terrance and Phillip and The Queef Sisters travelling through Canadian Wine Country in a red convertible refers to the movie Sideways.
  • The Queef Sisters is likely a reference to the 2003 film The Banger Sisters.
  • Complaining that it's one more thing for men to hold over women, like what happens when queefing gets banned, is an attempt to make people feel guilty for other sex-profiling-related problems that this issue has no pertinence to. This is called a red herring. It is difficult to tell whether this episode, like "Queef Free", is making fun of this "sexism" or not.


  • The large Canadian TV Network boss previously appeared in "Cartoon Wars Part II". His name is here revealed to be Brian.
  • This is the fourth time that the 'Will not be shown' twist has been used.
  • Mr. Guermo, from "Elementary School Musical", appears in the recording studio.
  • The recording studio scene features a cameo by Dr. Alphonse Mephesto, who hasn't had a speaking role on the show since "Cartman Joins NAMBLA". His assistant Kevin is not visible, but according to South Park Studios, is there.
  • Cartman starts to say, "I'm not your buddy," when the girls walk, it's possible this was followed off-screen by a similar "I'm not your buddy, friend," "Well, I'm not your friend, guy," argument as shown repeatedly in "Canada on Strike".
  • The majority of the male parents, including Gerald Broflovski and Randy Marsh, have sung before in "City on the Edge of Forever (Flashbacks)", although this was in a dream that Stan had.
  • Timmy's father is missing from the Recording Studio; Token's father can be seen, although Token himself seems to be absent; all other boys are accompanied by their fathers (aside from Cartman, who has none).
  • This is Tweek Tweak's first speaking role since "Hell on Earth 2006".
  • Queefs were mentioned for the first time in "World Wide Recorder Concert", where the boys did not know what a queef was when they were called 'queefs' by the New Yorker Kids. Mr. Mackey told them what a queef was after overhearing them mention that they don't know what a queef is, saying it is "Vaginal expulsion of gas". Stan only says what, either not hearing him, not understanding, or just surprised.
  • This is Annie Knitts' first speaking role since "Stupid Spoiled Whore Video Playset".


  • Though the purpose in the "moral dilemma" of farting/queefing makes sense in that people are overreacting to the latter, logically speaking, since both the male and female of the species have anuses and are capable of farting, saying queefing is equivalent is like saying that, if it were possible, so is expelling gas from a man's genitals. (Essentially, rectum is to rectum, as vagina is to penis.) Whether or not queefing itself is actually problem, like making out of a molehill, is entirely beside the point.

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