The Easter Egg Hunt is a community event held in South Park that was sponsored by Sooper Foods. Participants of the Easter egg hunt included kids ranging from Kindergartners to Sixth Graders, although, a majority of the children signing up appeared to be Fourth Graders. This event was seen in the Season Sixteen episode, "Jewpacabra".


Beginning with a day for children to sign up for the event, the Easter egg hunt was to be a fun and safe experience for many children around South Park. During the sign-up day, Clyde Donovan noticed a dead bird, to which Eric Cartman declared was the result of a Jewpacabra attack.

The following night, Eric Cartman and Butters Stotch went to the forest to look for proof of the existence of the Jewpacabra. They found footage of what they believed to be a Jewpacabra and showed it to the Sooper Foods President.

The president declared that Cartman was to be sacrificed to the Jewpacabra in order to maintain a fun and safe atmosphere for the event. Cartman was chained to a brick and drenched with chicken blood at the event's location. After a dream about Ancient Egypt, Cartman, severely distraught from both his nightmare and the tranquilizer, was brought home by Kyle Broflovski.


Kids rush to collect Easter eggs!

The following day the event went as planned as dozens of kids of all ages participated, violently, in hopes to collect the most eggs. Kids can be seen fighting and throwing each other to get the other children's easter eggs. During the main event, Cartman rushed on to the stage and explained to everyone what he learned about Passover.. He also advised everyone to convert to Judaism, to which Butters said ” Aw, stop trying to ruin Easter, ya’heben! “

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