The Earth Day Brainwashing Festival was an event seen in Season Five episode "Terrance and Phillip: Behind the Blow".


In order to raise awareness of global warming among the townsfolk, the Earth Day committee comes to South Park, promoting an Earth Day festival. The head of the committee is Mr. Farlis, he uses intimidation and guilt to get his environmental message across. Some of his slogans include; "Global warming will kill us all", "Republicans are responsible for global warming", and "Nothing is more important than the environment. Not even human lives". He warns Kyle, after he promised to bring Terrance and Phillip to the Earth Day Festival, by saying, "You'd better not promise things to Earth Day people that you can't deliver. Earth Day people can be very unforgiving". Mr. Farliss pressures the boys into convincing Terrance and Phillip to settle their differences by chopping Kenny's limbs off with a cleaver, called the "Earth Day Cleaver 2001". Kyle manages to get both comedians to show up by using a bait and switch technique, including a "Jedi mind trick", in order to trick them into doing the show. Phillip declined to do the act with Terrance until Kyle played their documentary on the big screen. The audience claps and cheers for the duo, causing them to put their disagreements behind them, thus saving the Earth Day Brainwashing Festival.

Earth Day Festival AttractionsEdit


  • Pure Energy
  • Green Toss
  • Global Warming! Oh No!
  • Pollution Punch Out
  • Help The Humpback Hump: Give This Endangered Species a Helping Hand

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