The E-Scooter is featured heavily in Season Twenty-Two episode, "The Scoots". They are mysteriously implemented, with none claiming responsibility, for the use of commuting around the city provided they have a cell tower connection, and payment card information is entered. They are used to trick-or-treat in the episode in droves. The scooters are disabled once Mr. Mackey and Kenny disable the local cell tower.

The scooters are implied to have a menacing agenda and once dumped by Mr. Mackey, manage to be in his house and scattered in the streets even after he seemingly dumped them all. Although this could be explained without the supernatural coming to question, the end of the episode heavily implies the scooters are indeed sentient after one turns itself back on and rides off on its own.

They briefly appeared in "Unfulfilled", where two people are seen using them outside of Crunchy's Micro Brew. In the season finale "Bike Parade", Randy and Towelie use E-Scooters in order to deliver Tegridy Farms weed directly to customers.


  • The E-Scooters are a reference to the real life scooter-sharing system implemented in various cities in the US and Europe, which use a similar pay and ride system, such as scanning the QR code and then paying using a cell phone.
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