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Dr. Zonder is a doctor at the Colorado Neurology Center who appears in the Season Eleven episode "Le Petit Tourette".


Liane Cartman takes her son to see Dr. Zonder at the Colorado Neurology Center four days after he begins exhibiting symptoms of Tourette's syndrome, mostly by swearing. He is familiar with the disease and initially dismisses her concern as it is hereditary, but after considering that it often develops later in a child's life and progresses, he admits little is known and offers all the help they can give him, reassuring Cartman everything will be okay.

In "Britney's New Look", he can be spotted in the crowd.

He can be seen in "Hummels & Heroin" alongside other doctors for a seminar on pharmaceuticals.


Dr. Zonder has dark brown hair and wears the standard doctor's coat with a stethoscope around his neck, a pair of glasses and a surgical mask. He has a name tag that reads "Dr. Zonder".

His model was recolored for the Walgreens Pharmacist in the "South ParQ Vaccination Special".



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