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Dr. Spookalot is the guide for Spooky Laboratory, who appears in the Season Three episode, "Korn's Groovy Pirate Ghost Mystery".


As the boys walk down a dock on Halloween night, Cartman sees the Spooky Laboratory. Kyle tries to explain to him that the Laboratory was stupid, but Cartman goes to Spooky Laboratory anyway. When he enters the Spooky Laboratory, he meets Dr. Spookalot, who puts a blindfold on Cartman's eyes while putting him to run his hand over the "bowl of human eyeballs", which was actually just a bowl of eggs, a bowl of lemon gelatin, which Dr. Spookalot claimed to be the brain, and on the ass of a donkey, which he said was to be the warm bowels of the body.


Dr. Spookalot has messy orange hair, thick orange eyebrows and wears a cyan shirt under a lab coat with a badge on the right side, cyan gloves, dark green pants, and black shoes.


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