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Dr. Phillips, also referred to as Dr. Tangina on her name tag, is a pediatrician who appeared in the Season Thirteen episode "Dead Celebrities". She is based on Zelda Rubinstein's character Tangina Barrons from the Poltergeist series of films.


Dr. Phillips is first seen in the Children's Hospital of Denver, where she explains to The Boys how Purgatory works, which is where several of the celebrities who died in 2009 have gone to when they died. In Ike Broflovski's hospital room, she and The Boys successfully manage to communicate with the dead celebrities, but Michael Jackson refuses to accept that he's dead. Michael Jackson ends up in too much denial, causing his energy to throw Dr. Phillips out of the hospital and splatter her on the street, killing her.


Dr. Phillips has medium length gray hair and gray eyebrows. She wears red-tinted glasses with a gold trim, a white pearl necklace, a white lab coat over a light blue shirt and dress, and black shoes. She wears her name tag on her lab coat. She is slightly overweight and speaks with a very high-pitched and raspy voice.


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