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Dr. Carroll is a medical doctor who works in Hells Pass Hospital and is also a Specialist of Pediatrics. Carroll also does private home-visits. He first appears on "Tonsil Trouble" as a catalyst.


Dr. Carroll wears a doctor's clothing and glasses. He is a white balding male with a formerly brown graying hair. In multiple episodes, he is seen wearing a wig, sometimes with eyebrows dyed a different color.


He was called to the Cartman Residence by Liane Cartman and diagnosed the sick Eric Cartman with tonsill problem and lured him into undergoing a surgery to remove them in return to a free ice cream.

After completing the surgery, Dr. Carroll understood that the blood infusion given to Eric was actually an HIV positive carrier's blood. He enters the patient's room with his 2 nurses, Ted and Fran, to deliver the bad news which caused the young douchebag to lose his mind in fury.

In "Dead Celebrities", he is seen wearing a brown wig and working in Children's Hospital of Denver, handing Ike Broflovski's case to Dr. Phillips who is specialized in "supernatural cases".

He can be seen in "Hummels & Heroin" alongside other doctors for a seminar on pharmaceuticals.



  1. Credited as "Doctor #1" in ""South Park" Tonsil Trouble (TV Episode 2008) - IMDb".

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