Dr. Biber is a plastic surgeon who appears in the Season Nine premiere episode "Mr. Garrison's Fancy New Vagina".


Dr. Biber is first seen performing a sex change operation on Herbert Garrison to make him into a woman. He also performs a "negroplasty" on Kyle in order to make him tall and black so he can play better in a basketball game. The last character he is shown to have performed surgery on is Kyle's father, Gerald, where he performs a "dolphinplasty" on him to turn him into a dolphin.

Later on, Dr. Biber helps Ms. Garrison to find her balls, which he had placed inside Kyle's kneecaps for his negroplasty. Dr. Biber stated that Kyle can't actually play basketball or the testicles in his kneecaps will explode.

He can be seen in "Hummels & Heroin" alongside other doctors for a seminar on pharmaceuticals.


Dr. Biber has balding gray hair, gray eyebrows, and glasses. When performing Mr. Garrison's sex change, he wears blue doctor's scrubs, a doctor's mask, and blue pants. When not performing an operation, he wears a white lab coat with some pens in the pocket, a white undershirt with a blue tie, and green pants.



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