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"Douche and a Danish"
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Episode no. Season 20
Episode 05
Production no. 2005
Original airdate October 19, 2016
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"Douche and a Danish" is the fifth episode of Season Twenty, and the 272nd overall episode of South Park. It aired on October 19, 2016.[1]


Giant Douche wants out of the Presidential race.[1]


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Plot details follow.

The episode starts with the girls and boys shown on the playground. Nelly has her fists out ready to fight, while Butters is on the other side with his wiener out. Cartman steps in to try to break up the fight. As the girls yell at him, Heidi steps in to try to calm everybody down. They kiss, causing Annie to faint in shock.

Mr. Garrison is speaking to his campaign manager, who advises him to watch his tone against women. At a Garrison campaign rally, Chris Christie is introducing Garrison. He comes out and starts making jokes about the TSA and women. His comments quickly become derogatory and some women are shown walking out of the rally.

In Denmark, the Danish are singing and talking about the launch of They ask for a donation and social media publicity. Meanwhile, the trolls are meeting to discuss a plan of attack against the Danish.

PC Principal is addressing the school about the recent events. He said he asked students for ideas and Heidi and Cartman come out, both very excited. They say that everybody should raise money for Denmark. Cartman and Heidi hold hands and start whispering to each other. The rest of the school watches in shock. They finally turn back towards everybody and say that everyone should "come together as a skewl". Bebe Stevens is shown throwing up, disgusted by the sight of Cartman and Heidi in a relationship.

Garrison is then shown meeting with his campaign advisers, who are questioning the recent comments he made about women at his speech. As Garrison acts as if nothing is happening, his supporters are outside demanding answers. He comes out and says that the election was rigged against him from the start. The supporters become angry and start to chase him.

At the Airport Hilton hotel, an employee knocks on the conference room door. One of the trolls wearing an Anonymous mask answers the door. The employee asks if the group needs any drinks. He tells the employee that the group needs more coffee creamer, shuts the door, and goes back inside. Gerald is talking about how trolling works and about how they will troll Denmark.

At South Park Elementary, Heidi is telling the class about the fundraiser for Denmark as Garrison bursts in panicking. He starts teaching, trying to act as if he never ran for president in the first place. He tries to give the class a grammar lesson, but his campaign advisers grab him and pull him out of the room.

At the Broflovski Residence, Gerald and Dildo Shwaggins walk inside. Gerald goes into Ike's room to tell him that he can't use the computer so that they can have more internet bandwidth. They go to his office and Dildo has a conversation with Gerald about why he trolls. He tells Gerald that he was born as a midget. Gerald smirks in response as they both agree that they can't let Denmark take over their right to troll online.

At South Park Elementary, PC Principal is watching students in the cafeteria as the girls and boys are working together to make danishes. Cartman and Heidi are singing, both of them the only happy people in the room.

Garrison is still running, followed by an angry mob. At the Broflovski residence, Dildo and Gerald are in front of their computers with headsets on. The other trolls are shown ready to go as they start to troll Denmark.

Garrison is walking in the rain soaked, as he walks into the community center. Randy and others are there. Garrison shares how he wanted to make the country great again and Randy tells him it is not his fault. Randy hands him a Member Berry. Randy says this is why many Americans want Garrison to become president.

At the Broflovski residence, is it revealed that the attack on Denmark which turned out to be an attack on Legos is a trending top news story. Gerald and Dildo celebrate as Kyle comes down and watches them. Gerald tells Kyle that the world is now pissed off at the Danish.

Meanwhile, in Denmark, at the headquarters, the Danish try to think of ways to get past the low public opinion the country now has. One of them suggests quitting Twitter, as they decide that Denmark must get off social media to stop further attacks against them.

Outside of South Park Elementary, the girls and boys are still holding a fundraiser to buy a Danish for Denmark, one guy drives by saying "Fuck Denmark". Butters comes up and throws the danishes on the ground infuriated by the fact that no one is buying their danishes. Kyle comes up and explains that Denmark was trolled on social media. Butters says "this is what you get for working with a bunch of stupid girls" which results in a massive argument between the boys and the girls.

Heidi runs off as Cartman follows her and comforts her by telling her that the trolling is playing a bigger play then anybody could've thought. Randy says the country must face the fact that Star Wars: The Force Awakens was not as good as everybody thought it was. Garrison listens as Randy gives a history lesson on Member berries and why they have become so popular. Garrison says that J.J. Abrams could be responsible for the entire election as a picture of him is shown with a "Make Star Wars Great Again" hat on.

In Denmark, they are shocked to find that they have gotten a message from overseas. Eric and Heidi send over a VHS tape, as Heidi says that she may have found the source of the troll attack. They tell everybody to back, as Denmark may still have a shot to stop the trolls.

Critical Reception[]

AV Club gave "Douche and a Danish" a "B" rating saying: "At a certain point though, the election became so highly scrutinized that, if the show was going to continue to successfully skewer it, Parker and Stone had to start getting more specific. The trajectory of their Trump surrogate had to more closely match that of The Donald himself. That comes to a head in “Douche And A Danish,” an episode broadcasted literally smack-dab in the middle of the final presidential debate between Trump and Hillary Clinton.

Parker and Stone wisely don’t try to predict the outcome of the debate. They don’t even depict the debate at all, at least not in any kind of official capacity. But via one of Garrison’s rallies, they do attempt to capture the current temperature of the Trump campaign and the audience on both sides: how he got to where he is, how people are reacting to him now, and the hypocrisy of some of his biggest supporters and detractors."[2]

IGN gave "Douche and a Danish" a "8.4" rating saying: "More than ever, South Park has become razor-focused on continuity and slowly building its storylines from one week to the next. While it's frustrating that we probably won't be getting any standalone episodes in the vein of "Tweek x Craig" this year, the continuity-driven approach is really starting to pay off as the various threads come together. The show's biggest concern now should be finding something better for Cartman to do."[3]


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